Medical billing services for small and large practices

For entrepreneurial physicians to thrive, they need access to all their information and the support to help them make the right business adjustments based on the data. That's why we are committed to giving our clients personalized service, transparency, and control. Our software allows our physicians to review all our work and stay informed on the status of every claim, as well as the frequency, speed, and accuracy of our follow-up. We also spend time understanding the unique business model of each practice and developing customized reports that can shine a light on information often left unseen. Through it all, we act as an extension of the physician's office, by giving them direct access to a committed manager and an entirely US based team of coders and follow-up personnel.

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Our Medical Billing Philosophy

Medical billing is often viewed as a numbers game; submit enough claims and even the worse collection rates can hide behind a sufficient cash flow. At Practicewithease however, we believe in taking a systematic approach to the process of billing and follow up. We begin by learning the unique rules that govern a client's account and build those into a customized rules-engine. We then use a propriety algorithm to prioritize unpaid claims, and a unique formula to allocate the number of follow-up hours needed to each client; significantly reducing the likelihood of missed claims and timely filing denials. In fact, our unique approach to follow-up makes it possible to offer the only Follow Up Guarantee in the industry. If any claim goes unpaid due to our negligence, we will pay our client the allowable amount for that claim. So our physicians can rest easy knowing they will not lose revenue on our watch.