Every Claim Matters!

Our Rules Engine scrubs new claims daily before they leave the system.
Claims pass through a second level of scrubbing while being sent to our clearinghouse.
Say goodbye to timely filing denials. Our proprietary algorithm weighs a number of factors and determines the priority of each claim for follow up. This ensures that claims are worked on in the most efficient and effective order possible.
Data Driven Analysis
Our data-driven approach allows us to drill down and analyze your claim flow, giving you unparalleled insight into how to improve your practice’s collections.
Our Guarantee
We take follow up so seriously, we’re willing to pay if we don’t deliver. While money-loss with us is rare, no company is perfect. Our Follow Up Guarantee means we will pay for any claim we can’t collect on due to our negligence. So you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting paid what you should – no matter what!