iconFollow Up Process:


  • Claims are scrubbed daily before leaving the system using our dynamic Rules Engine.
    • Beyond basic payer rules, our Rules Engine is built around the unique credentialing, billing, and reporting needs of your practice.
    • The Rules Engine gives you added protection from errors that can occur at the practice.
    • Our system gets smarter in handling your claims over time. As we learn the nuances of your account, the engine is updated to scrub for more minute errors.
    • As the insurances change their rules, or their agreements with you, we can adapt to ensure minimal disruption to your cash flow.
  • Your claims will go through a second level of scrubbing when they’re sent out through our clearinghouse.


  • We go beyond the standard 30-60-90 reports and strive to perfect the efficiency of our claim follow up.
  • Our proprietary algorithm prioritizes claims on a number of key factors, such as the claims filing limit, appeals limit, and days since last follow up. This makes anxiety over filing limits and missed claims a thing of the past.
  • The algorithm is refreshed daily, and claims are worked on by our Follow Up Team every day of the week.

Data driven analysis

  • Your dedicated Partner will work with you to design customized weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that fit your practice’s needs.
  • You can see your data the way you need to most; giving you the deepest insight possible into how your practice generates revenue.
  • Coupled with our robust follow up process, this data-driven approach allows us to successfully drill down and find your biggest claim bottle necks. You’ll know why claims aren’t getting paid, and we’ll help you make the changes to improve your practice’s cash flow.