patient collections

Patient Collections: How To Get Paid Without Worrying

Learn about the patient collections process, patient financial responsibility, and how Practice With Ease can help you
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automation in healthcare

Automation in Healthcare: Opportunity for Physicians to Save

Automation is being implemented in scores of industries within society, and for good reason. Across the board, automation has proven to be a cost-effective strategy for businesses and produces significant savings. Automation in healthcare is becoming increasingly popular, not only due to its financial benefits but also due to its ease of execution and the…
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payer role in medical billing

A Payer’s Role in Streamlining the Medical Billing Process

The medical billing process is complex and tedious for all involved. Both patients and providers benefit when the medical billing process can be streamlined in some fashion. Most individuals agree that the medical billing process is not straightforward. Patients, in particular, want to understand how much they will pay for their medical care, especially when…
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using technology to improve patient collection communication

Using Technology to Improve Patient Collection Communication

The use of technology has been vital for the advancement of healthcare services in many different ways. However, there are still issues with patient-provider communication. Many patients are not receiving the best assistance from their providers about paying for their healthcare services. When the pandemic hit in March, millions of Americans lost access to their…
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understanding telemedicine and telehealth

Understanding Telemedicine and Telehealth

While telemedicine and telehealth have been around for years, they have become more popular in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although many offices and clinics have reopened, many healthcare professionals are still using online resources to connect with their patients. What is Telemedicine? Telemedicine allows patients to be cared for at a distance,…
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Evaluating Medical Billing Processes

What is Medical Billing? Medical billing is the translation of healthcare records into a billing claim. A professional medical biller or coder is responsible for all medical billing services. This usually includes following claims to ensure timely reimbursement for services provided by a healthcare facility. A career in medical billing can be challenging yet rewarding…
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