Telehealth Guidance Services

  • Whenever convenient and possible.
  • Anything that cannot be handled with a quick call.
  • Anything that would normally require an in-person visit but does not require additional testing
  • This will be your best paid option. (You will be paid as if in-person)
Document it as you would a normal evaluation and management visit in your office/hospital/nursing home. Send us the corresponding E/M code (for example 99212,992213,99214, etc) and append a modifier “95”. We will adjust per payor rules.
Phone Call Only
  • When the patient’s issue can be dealt with over a quick call.
  • When it is not convenient or possible to schedule an E-Visit.
  • When no e-visit or in-person visit has taken place for the issue over the previous 7 days or the coming 24 hours
  • When only a phone call is necessary. No images, videos, or health data is shared.
  • This will be your lowest paid option ($16.43)
Document a “telephone note” in your EMR/EHR. Capture the time spent on the phone and summary of the issues discussed Send us the code G2012. We will bill when possible (insurance covers) and adjust coding as needed.
Virtual Check-In
  • When an E-Visit is not convenient or possible.
  • When the patient’s issue can be dealt with over phone but other data is needed (the data can be sent to you securely from the patient)
  • Example: The patient contacts you complaining of an issue, and you need to see a picture of the problem area. The patient sends the picture via a secure platform and you discuss the issue over the phone.
  • This will be your middle-of-the-road option in terms of pay.
  • These are time Based Codes
Document the phone encounter as described above, attach the images/data (with dates) to the patient’s chart in your EMR.

Send us one of the following:

  • 99421 – 5-10 Minutes spent throughout the week
  • 99242 – 11-20 Minutes spent throughout the week
  • 99243 – 21 or more minutes spent throughout the week.